About Guudeal.com

Guudeal Marketplace is an online retail store to buy/sell wholesale items from manufacturers, Store closeout merchandise, overstocks, used or refurbish items, Liquidation products, Overstock, store Returns, closeout & Shelves pulled merchandise from major retail stores and wholesalers Globally.

We also help to provide online platform, e-commerce technology, and marketing strategy to small retail store owners to reach their goal of online retailing and to brand products in other to reach their online businesses goal.

Our businesses are comprised of e-commerce, online Retail service and wholesale Distributions.


Our main focus is to be a more open marketplace platform by allowing vendors across the world including Africans to buy and sell online. We believe that anyone wanting and hungry to do business online should be able to sell to customers anywhere in the world.

Guudeal’s immediate goal is to create value for every individual on the planet and help find solutions for their challenges in doing business online. We want to convert guudeal’s resources into fuel for small and medium businesses to support the advancement of the whole society.


We enable business-to-business transactions, wholesale distributors, small retail enterprises, consumers, and merchant services to do everyday business online.


Guudeal was created and founded in 2017 by James F Amo, owner, and CEO of Yuudle Group LLC based in Minneapolis MN USA.

His aim is for Yuudle group’s companies to last as long as there is air to breathe, and humans still exist on earth.