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What are guudeal ventures?
Guudeal venture is an online multipurpose eCommerce website for individuals’ vendors and business to business, business to consumer, and consumer to consumer transaction on the internet.

1. How does guudeal work? works almost the same as eBay, Alibaba, Amazon but slightly different in the sense that guudeal is local and we make it easy for African entrepreneurs to employ their God giving entrepreneurial spirit by helping them sell products online without the need of pay-pal account. If you are from third world country and want to learn more about our service, please send us email for your question.

2. Do I have to pay any fees to sign up? No! It’s free to sign up.

3. I have seen Real Estate, Classifieds and online store. Can I sell things and the same browse for houses for sale or for rent? You’re absolutely right yes you can.

4. Can I list classifieds from any part of the world or United States Only? You can list classifieds from many countries, including the US, Canada and Great Britain.

5. Can I sell my house on Yes and it’s free.

How to sign up?
6. On the top right of the webpage, click login to sign in or click register to register.

7. Who is shipping the product purchase? Product vendor ships. Note: is a free platform for vendors and individual companies to conduct online trading so contact the product vendors for shipping details.

8. How do I become vendor? You must have PayPal account or and valid government issue id card for payment. And In order to sign up for a vendor position with Guudeal, you must have an existing account with If you do not have an account, please register first.

10. Who handles disputes? Guudeal oversee to make sure disputes are handled successfully.

11. How do I get paid after I sell my product in online store? We release funds to the vendor after products have been shipped and buyer is certifies with it.

12. How do you handle returns?
Returns are accepted within a week if buyer is not happy with the products undamaged and in its original package.

13. I forgot my password or user name how do I change it? In the login page, click forgot password, click next then enters your user name or email address and click reset password check your electronic mail for a link to change password or user name.