Staring a boutique business in the African community in both U.S.A and Canada is always challenging for women.

Things are changing these days for small startup stores without online presence like most African stores across America, Canada and African continent as a whole due to the fact that, many entrepreneurs in this industry do not have sufficient funds to rent good storefront and advertisement is very hard for some who seriously considering this option of industry.

Some women in this field find it varied and diverse to own business types like designer African ladies dress, Ghana traditional textile fabric store, Nigerian multicolored lace dress shops, wholesale Holland Textile-like wax shops, African sculpture shops, traditional necklaces, and jewelry shop and so on. Even though Americans and Canadians are not familiar with these kinds of products, many of them will find it interesting to try it out if there is a proper marketing strategy.

To be successful, many enthusiastic savvy businesswomen who want to make money in this industry have to explore modern technology by marketing on online marketplace like and other networks for proper exposure and since this type of marketing strategy is not common among most of these vendors, the traditional ways of earnings from this kind of business has not been popular to be considered a viable business due to little demand for the products. The selling of traditional African products on or running hair shops such as 100% Brazilian human hair, wigs, and so on in conjunction with African boutique shops can be so lucrative nowadays if the proper marketing strategy is explored.

Taking a boutique as a business is quite difficult for some ladies because it’s the place of innovative ideas exploration and showing of higher skills and expertise. Designing a professional retail effective selling environment with a vision is probably a modern store of this competitive market.

And providing professional customer service in most of the shops is also a way of driving sales up in most instances.

Stuff should be displayed in a way that should keep on grabbing the attention of customers and continuously enhancing their interest all the way. Owners should try to offer great customer service by taking complains seriously, provide quality brands, smart marketing strategy, smart websites, and secure credit merchant services like PayPal. Normally people make judgments at first sight and it happens in a few seconds only and even people figure out price levels of quality African brand and the variety of brands carried out by the owner and they analyze this just by passing by so If you have items they have seen before they will certainly ignore the stuff you have displayed and moved on.

A good store owner should have more knowledge about the product they carried in their inventory and should be able to educate curious customers and provide the information needed to make a purchasing decision. Never open a boutique shop without first finding a great online marketplace like

The following are basic things to think about when planning to start an African boutique store on or storefront.
1. Make sure everything you need to start your shop is in one place
2. Prepare a business plan and ask yourself what equipment you need
3. This industry is very competitive so prepare for a proper marketing plan.
4. Assuming you have acquired a license already, try to make sure your finances are very strong. Discuss with your local banker if they can help you or back you up with loans in case you need it.
5. Before you spend money on merchandise from any sources, make sure to study your store location first to determine the kind of products to display.
6. Find a secure merchant service. ( I will start with PayPal merchant services first)
7. Hire knowledgeable employees

Conclusion: The African boutique store is a great industry to get in if you know exactly what to sell. Even though people in America or most westerners don’t show any interest in it doesn’t mean they don’t like it. It’s because maybe retailers and distributors haven’t educated consumers the quality of it I encourage any individuals who plan to start an African unique product shop in America, Canada and U.K should do so because the is more money in it.