Child support is the scariest thing many men in American and other developed countries afraid to hang over their necks. Many men think having child support in their life is like being diagnosed with cancer which they are not sure when or if it can be cured.
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The funniest thing many people don’t know is, in America,
1.failure to fulfill child supports obligation can land you in jail andhaving your driver’s license suspended: this means many states now ask if you pay child support as a part of the driver’s license renewal process and local child support agencies regularly report to the Division of Motor Vehicles when a parent falls behind on child support payments,
2.They will garnish your wages: The state will contact your employer directly and have them take payments right out of your paycheck under a state court-issued Default judgment and wage garnishment Order.Men! don’t let this be too late before finding a solution to it.Get extra cash fast by selling items you do not need at or spend an extra five minutes of your time to create yourself a storefront for used or new items store on

3. the state can prevent you from obtaining or renewing your passport, limiting your ability to travel for work or leisure.
4.You can even be discharged from the military service so, guys when things like this happen in your life think about for extra cash in your pocket.
So, my question to you is when such an event happened in your life what would you do?You have to prepare your mind to pay child support before engaging in sexual activity with a woman you love initially.
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Finally, never try to run away from your responsibility by taking care of your baby Since the states can go after your income, by all means, be smart and genius to make good use of the internet technology with your skills to supplement the lost. Do not be mad to take care of someone you brought on earth she or he didn’t ask for and always remember someone took care of you to get where you’re.